Steering Group Member Responsibilities

  • The Steering Group oversees and implements the ERG experience.
  • The Group meets approximately monthly, typically during the day, as agreed each time by the members.
  • Steering Group members are responsible for all aspects of the process, including:
  • Strategic and tactical decisions
  • New participant recruitment
  • Formation of new cohorts based on date preferences, etc.
  • Oversight of on-going cohorts in coordination with facilitators
  • Public relations
  • Recruitment materials
  • Program design including topic sequence and pre-work selections
  • Data base management (googlesheets)
  • Website development and management
  • Coordination of the Advisory Panel (meets 2x/yr.)
  • Participant surveys (immediate post-process, then 4 months post-process)
  • Coordination of facilitators including monthly meetings
  • Special events, e.g., interviews, all-cohort gatherings, etc.
  • These responsibilities are divided according to time, talent and interest, which can vary over time.