We invite you to join:

Exploring Racism Groups

Join a group to explore issues of race and racism, and ways we can have a positive impact together.


Mutual exploration into issues of race and racism as they impact leadership, including but not limited to:

Understanding one’s own racial conditioning as it relates to leadership

Studying pertinent history of race/racism

Understanding structural racism in a white society

Processing current situations or recent situations faced by participants

Exploring leadership challenges related to laws, recruitment, inclusion, etc.


These groups function with mutual agreements that ensure:



Mutual exploration and learning

An open, non-judgmental attitude

Support and encouragement

Discussion of possible actions by members

between meetings


12 sessions, 1.5 hours each on a regular day/week of the month conducted by a skilled facilitator.

Typically 8-9:30 AM

By joining, you would agree to:

A commitment to attend at least 10 meetings during the year.

Meetings will be virtual for the foreseeable

Preparation for each session—typically brief videos and articles requiring about 30-40 minutes

This Group Would

Be of Interest If;

  • You recognize that you have had little exposure to people of different races or experiences.
  • You are awkward at times when the topic of race arises – at work, among family, among friends, in organizations or clubs.
  • You’ve wanted to explore anti-racism ideas with people outside your social and or economic circles.
  • You’ve wondered how your company and your leadership are perceived by people who look different from you.
  • You’re curious to learn more about the tensions around racism.
  • You’ve wondered what to do about your own biases, prejudices, and judgments.
  • You’re interested in what other leaders have experienced along these same lines.
  • You’re willing to invest time grappling with these experiences and questions with other leaders.

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